Production Plant

For 30 years, at Laboratorios Legrand S.A., we have created and developed our products, complying with the requirements of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

Major companies in the sector have enjoyed our pharmaceutical manufacturing services, including: the Sanofi Aventis Group, Farma Group, Abbott Laboratories, Grunenthal, Garmish, Heimdall and Eurodrug, among others.

We are the first national plant to achieve the "Good Manufacturing Practices (BMP)" certification, granted by INVIMA in 1998, and on July 29th this year, we got the BPM recertification for our manufacturing plant for complying with the standards established by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the production of pharmaceutical drugs.

At Laboratorios Legrand S.A. we specialize in:

Routine and special physico-chemical analyses.
Good Manufacturing Practices.
Laboratory test analyses conducted using a modern physical infrastructure.

We Commercialize

At Legrand, we sell and promote our own brands, licensing products and managing business relationships with prestigious companies in the world industry such as Pfizer, Aventis, Eurodrug, Kabbi Pharmacia, Janssen Cilag S.A., Union Chemie Belge (UCB), Alkem, Cipla, Intas, Pierre Fabre (PFM) and Revlon, among others.

Distribution Center

Since 2007 we have a Distribution Center strategically located in Bogotá, where we have implemented an efficient delivery system through which we offer our products across the country's main cities.

We Export

In Legrand we have worked for years in our international expansion to highly significative markets in countries such as: Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico and Dominican Republic, among others.