Corporate social responsibility is part of the Legrand culture. We are interested in going beyond the contribution that we make to health, not only innovating for the well-being of citizens with products that improve their life, but using our capabilities to support the work of social organizations that reach vulnerable populations, thus creating an important input in the social development of the country.

One of the social causes that we contribute to are the "Days of Support to Development" led by the Colombian Military Forces, aimed at medical care and humanitarian aid in vulnerable areas of the country. Through the donation of medicines, we ensure that our products reach areas affected by climatic phenomena and by the armed conflict, in which presence of the state is difficult to attain due to geographical conditions. Our medicines have been essential in the medical care of the vulnerable populations that are reached by these events.

During 2016 we supported multiple events, giving priority to indigenous communities and populations located in departments such as La Guajira, Caquetá, Vichada, Amazonas and San Andres y Providencia.